No Means More

Tie me up,

Hold me down,

Promise I won’t make a sound.

I love to take even more,

You know I want it;

My no means more!

I’m on my knees,

I love to beg,

Put your hands,

Around my neck,

Squeeze until my world goes black,

Then give this face a smack.

I’ve never been bad,

I deserve this because I am good .

And I know your never nervous.

Use the whips,

and use the cuffs,

It’s no surprise I like it rough.

If I had hair,

You could drag me around. My mouth is gagged, and arms are bound.

Push me down onto floor, You know I want it;

No is certain to mean more!

Make me cry, make me laugh, I need the pain.

Thank you,

Do it again.

Spank me with my leather belt.

Give this ass some deep welts.

Put the gag on nice and tight,

Let my pain be your delight.

I’m almost there,

I need the release.

You’re the one I want to please.

I’m better than I was before,

Because my no means

I need more.


Ignite a fire 

You ignite a fire in me

And  now 

I am that Fire.

You know this is so

We can feel it in our  bones

Your The One

The One that you are, 

and I am.

And your the One 

Who sits between me and that fire 

Like a promise 
My  dare

You with the honeyedultimatum 

A prompt

In an ocean 

Of flames 

The spark

It will burn me 

Consume me 

It will burn entirely

Even onto ashes 


I am shy about this fire

I walk around it 

Touching its edges 

It’s clear as day

There is no obstruction,

There is no confusion,

It is the truth of desire

It is a desire for truth

The truth it sits between us

A truth that’s so 

Innocent and ancient

Waiting for us

Everyday we step more completely into it

Even as we shyly admit we are it.

You may or may not read these words
That’s your choice.

I have choices and 

This is mine 

Because these words burn

They are hungry

They are molten 

They are the bridge

Words links us together 

It’s not the fleshy 

Knowing you that’s 

Held away from me

I will never enjoy 

Being in your body 

Because we are This fire 

The  force of growing things

And so I wait.

Wait with a moaning that runs

Through my newest revelation of flesh

That revelation given by Your hand 

I feel the bite of your whip.

And you make me new in every way 

Your cane peals away my feted flesh  

I will be new to you

Softer than light

A home you want

A home for your body

A home for your 


I give to you

A home for my musings, 

You are my Muse the words that I want you to hear.
If you do read this, 

Take it for what it is

It’s not pretending

It’s not a seduction

It’s my ecstasy of desire

Because as soon as we parted, even before the train takes you away,

I missed you

And this aching has started.
This ecstasy of desire

Will burn me into oblivion

I will present my body made young to you

I will lay it down at your feet

My ears, 

My eyes, 

My understanding,

My body ,

My manly cavern, 

My cock 

My hands,

My voice, 

my tongue, 

my mouth,

My feet that will follow you 

Where you lead me,

My nose that will breathe you in

I will lay myself down at your feet 

In order to receive you, 

I do not need this mystery decoded

I will wait

For you

To come to me.

Your my ecstasy of desire that burns in me 

Every moment of the day….

I am the flame that will consume us both. 

Your Commands

I live to hear your commands 

In that firm but gentle voice.

I never struggle with the ropes 

You bind me by.

They are the guarantee of my safety.

I look up to you from my kneeling place
I feel each touch of your hand 

Each time is like some virgin pleasure.
I can only hope you saw the love in my eye.
Before your blindfolded me.

You drag your nails and racked my back 

Whilst my ass still burning from the spanking 

Delivered by your hand.

You place the weights on my nipples Testing my endurance 

And you inspect 

The strength  and the resilience

 I have found from your training.

Now you will have me taken as 

You please you have me accountable

As your toy to give pleasure. 

As you once more 

explore my limits

I learn to wait patiently on all fours

Knowing my lips

Will be made to offer pleasure

I Come to you as your slut
You games alone quench my thirst.

You are my longing and my treasure.

Strong For You

I am strong for you,

 You love me enough to want to hurt me.Mindfully 

You love me enough to 

Know how to hurt me . 

You consider, 

seek and study 

In order to see me.

And to understand how 

To peel back each protective layer I wear 







I love how you gentle

Carefully mindfully 

Break these down

I love how you break me.

Once the shattering is complete–

Take from me only the best pieces. 

Those what we need for evolution 

Each time we play 

Each high and low 

I emerge in some new, 


strange place; 

some new, 


strange creature.

Evolving in your gentle love.

Being broken by your wisely applied pain.

My Submission

I am not broken, 
Yet I desire 

To be put together.

Piece by piece.
By you.
Mold me. 
Shape me.

Bend me.

Construct me 

In the manner pleasing to you.

Paint me with 
All the faces you desire. 

Your play partner, 

Your confidante, your fuck toy, 

Your property, 

Your masochist…

Teach me your preferences.

Let me learn you.

Let me become lost in you. 

Recreate my world so I see it through your eyes. 

The eyes of the woman I choose to offer my submission.
I want to make you proud. 

Your good boy. 

Your sub. 

Your slave. 

So please, allow me this. 

The gift of emptying myself 

To be filled with your words, 

Your needs 

And your lust.
Because by becoming yours, 

In the fashion you crave, 

In the way that makes you a better Woman…
It will make me a better Man.

Lexicon of Smut

As we read my words.
The things We say

Create magical images metaphors 

 That with locked eyes 

We create our world,

Of mutual understanding

We act out terrible, wonderful, dirty, nasty, 

And abhorrent things

This alphabet we have 

Gives us mutual  access and allows us 

Not so much to be 

Undressing with our eyes

We remove clothes with

A whole lexicon of smut.

Such Pain

If I give you 

Only the smallest part of my flesh.

One centimetre even,

I know you will 

Give me such pain,

That would swallow me

As the oceans swallows a grain of salt.

And you know 

I will always be ripe for it.

From the time you 

You created me slave.  

It was formed 

Before the time of my birth,

To the time of my death,

I will always be in the season.

For the embrace of pain

Your pain in my head,

In my heart,

On my flesh.